Wedding Resources


the wellbeing & becoming ketubah

“I commit myself to serve your continued wellbeing and becoming…” Rabbi Shoshana and Yotam Schachter co-wrote this original ketubah for their own wedding, and it has been used by many other couples since. Full English and Hebrew text and instructions for use are available here.


alternatives to Kiddushin & erusin

There are many modern alternatives to the traditional non-egalitarian liturgy for Erusin (the betrothal blessing) and Kiddushin (the moment usually marked by rings). Rabbi Shoshana has compiled some favorites here, including Birkat Bechira, which she Yotam Schachter composed for their wedding.


Resources for marriage

In the joyous, and often stressful, preparations for a wedding, it takes intention to prepare for a healthy marriage. In her work with couples, Rabbi Shoshana offers resources, tools, and support to create the foundation for a binyan adei ad, a marriage created to last. Here is a peak into some of her go-to resources.