Rabbi Shoshana and her husband Yotam Schachter wrote The Tide Is Rising for an historic service bringing together national religious leaders in Washington D.C. at the National Cathedral in 2014. The song has since spread widely in the climate movement, from statehouses to houses of worship, and from the US to Brazil, France, and Peru. All are welcome to sing it, and print or project lyrics in programs.

Lyrics and chords below.

For the full, powerful, 90 minute service of Coming Together In Faith on Climate, click here.

THE TIDE IS RISING - © 2015 Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman and Yotam Schachter

G                                         D

The tide is rising, and so are we!


Monte la fièvre, tourne le vent

Pour notre Terre, pour nos enfants

Monte l'urgence, Voici le Temps

Humains levons-nous maintenant

Humains levons-nous maintenant!



Como la marea, nos alzamos

Como la marea, nos alzamos

Con la tormenta nos levantamos

Llegó la hora de alzarnos

Llegó la hora de alzarnos!




D              C                        D

The tide is rising, and so are we!

G                                          D

The tide is rising, and so are we!

D        Am                             Bm

This is where we are called to be,

Bm       C                D            G

This is where we are called to be!


The task is mighty...

The land is holy...

The storm is raging...

The sun is shining...

The world is ready..



With great thanks to my husband, Yotam Schachter, for co-writing this song with me, and to the Rev. Fred Small for an energizing and joyful collaboration!

The song was inspired by a banner at the launch of Harvard Heat Week which read The Seas are Rising, So Are We! The chant comes from the organization Gulf South Rising.