Rabbi Shoshana was raised in a family of singers and song-writers.  Her parents, Joyce & Lev Friedman, and sisters, Ari & Mia Friedman, are all accomplished musicians, and they inspired and influenced Rabbi Shoshana’s own album, Guesthouse.  In addition to writing folk music, she composes chants and melodies for Jewish liturgy.  Her musical background is integral to her uplifting and skillful leadership of Shabbat and weekday services.




Voices of Resilience & Hope was an evening of reflection on the role of music insocial action. It took place at Hebrew College in December 2016, and featured Rabbi Shoshana with Rev. Mariama White-Hammond and Rev. Fred Small. Watch the excerpts of the event here:

Guesthouse features an eclectic mix of original, acoustic music.  Rabbi Shoshana combines her influences of lyrical folk songs, fiddle tunes, American standards, and Jewish tradition to produce an album of memorable melodies and emotional poignancy. Her family's instrumental and vocal back-up add depth and rich texture to the collection. 

In 2013, Guesthouse was a successfully funded Kickstarter Project.   The album is available for free for Temple Sinai members. Just stop by Rabbi Shoshana's office for your copy!

Many thanks to all 112 of the Kickstarter backers who supported the creation of Guesthouse, especially: Rachel Rubin, Judith Kates, Helena Lipstadt, Susan Raskin Abrams, Bob Sinrod, Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, Izzy Maxwell, Rose Leke, Eli Gerstenlauer, Shaiya Rothberg, Keith Beard, Ruhi Sophia Rubenstein, Julie Leavitt, Sara Levine, Roger S. Friedman, Adina Allen & Jeff Kasowitz, Ellen Epstein, Aubrey Lande, Linda Malamy, Joyce & Lev Friedman, Eve Ilsen & Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Beth Strassler, Stephan van der Mersch, Bex Blumenfeld & Jeff Aronow, Jamie Kotler, Elana Schachter.

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   The family toasts the bride and groom with a song at Rabbi Shoshana's wedding to Yotam Schachter.


The family toasts the bride and groom with a song at Rabbi Shoshana's wedding to Yotam Schachter.