The Linda Friedman Memorial Award

Visit this site to learn about an award set up in loving memory of Linda Friedman, Rabbi Shoshana's aunt, who died when she was 15 years old. Learn about Linda's life and how you can help honor her memory.


Teach rabbinic texts and the midrashic process through the hit musical Hamilton! This four-part curriculum can be tailored as needed for teaching adults or teens.


Rabbi Shoshana & Yotam's Ketubah

This original ketubah, written by Rabbi Shoshana and her husband Yotam for their wedding, is available for others to use. It is copyrighted through Creative Commons. If you use it, please attribute it as "The Wellbeing & Becoming Ketubah, by Yotam Schachter & Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman" in your wedding program if you have one, or any other place it appears in print other than on your ketubah document itself.

To download Rabbi Shoshana and Yotam's wedding program, which details their kavvanot (intentions) for the different sections of the ceremony, click here. If you quote the document directly, please credit Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman and Yotam Schachter.


The earth amidah

Rabbi Shoshana writes, "When I pray the weekday Amidah, I often have particular prayers in mind even as I go through the traditional liturgy. In writing the Earth Amidah, I did my best to articulate many of the prayers of my heart that I hear hinted at in the Hebrew text. This prayer is designed to be easily chanted to weekday nusach (melody) and rhythm."



For her capstone project for rabbinical school Rabbi Shoshana wrote an interpretive translation of the weekday prayerbook, inspired by Reb Zalman's creative English liturgy and Brené Brown's work on shame resilience. You can download and print the PDF here. The siddur is also published on


Climate Course Pack

This extended packet is a collection of texts and study questions on Judaism and climate change for use in small groups, congregations, classes, or partner studying. Click on the text above to go to the pdf.


The Dr. Seuss Barchu

This came to me one night, all at once, as if the great Seuss himself had paid a visit...

The Dr. Seuss Barchu (Call to Prayer)


Time to bless the Creator of All!

Time to get off our seats and bow low in this hall!

For all of us leading our day to day lives

Are part of a project each morn we arise:

To call to attention the holiness here,

to bless GOD for God's sake! Cause one thing is clear!

That whether we live in Minsk, Pink, or Lublin,

Baghdad, Havanah, Long Island, or Dublin,

The whole WORLD is filled with the glory of She 

Who breathes life in you and breathes life in me.

And even the pious ones need a reminder

to bend at the knees, to be wiser and kinder,

to call out "God? BLESS you!" Not just when you sneeze!

We bless you from here to the ends of the seas!

We bless you in fall, winter, summer, spring weather,

we bless you right now and we bless you forEVER!


Barhu et adonai ham'vorach...